Aegon Team Tennis National Finals 2015 Bournemouth

Live Feed from the West Hants Club

Sutton have won the tournament on two previous occasions in 2008 and 2013, Runners-up in 2004, 2005, 2012 and 2014

Sutton qualified with a play off win against Winchester at STSC

Sutton seeded 3rd and Beat Halton 4-0. Will play Raynes Park at 12.30pm on Saturday

Aegon Team Tennis National Finals 2015 – Live “In Situ” from the West Hants Club in Bournemouth

Aegon Team Tennis National Finals 2015 – Yes, yes, yes, we’re back!!! From the evening of Thursday 3rd September, we will once again be providing a live feed of the events at the Aegon National Team Final in Bournemouth. We will be dependent on our team captain to provide the draw on the night. How exciting!

From Friday morning we will be reporting and adding your comments live and court-side with scores as they happen, photos, quotes, interviews and perhaps even video!!!

As we did last year we would love members who are with us over the weekend to provide comments, insider news and photos. We will print those here, keeping everyone updated on our progress.

We will also be publishing your messages of support for the team, wherever you are!

Please share this page and let’s get trending!!!

Live Feed

Saturday 5th September 2015

Semi Finals Day from the West Hants Club

12.44pm – The line up!

Good afternoon from Bournemouth! After a very hot and excellent curry, and a mind-blowing speech from Steve Tiddy last night, video to follow shortly, we’re back in action here at the West Hants.

The line up for the singles is….

Johnny Gray v Lewis Burton

Tom Burn v Jonny O’Mara

Adam Thornton Brown v Mark Whitehouse

Ollie Hudson v James Marsalek

Let the games begin!!!

12.48pm The Speech

Think Braveheart, Winston Churchill and Michael Caine in Zulu, and add a foot in a plate of curry and you’ll get the idea… It will be added as soon as I’ve managed to censor it…

1.32pm Latest

Johnny Gray is a set and 2-1 up with a break, playing really well. Tom is fighting hard but is a set and 2-1 down, going with serve.

2.03pm Pear Shaped

It’s all gone a bit Pete here in Bournemouth. Tom put up a brave fight but lost the second set 6-4, STSC 1-0 down. Johnny lost the second set but is getting it back together in the 3rd, first game.

2.08pm Good News!

The cajun chicken wraps are bloody delicious! Thought I’d share that…

2.17pm Nailbiting…

Johnny 2-1 down in third set, going with serve, if I had the energy to have a nervous disposition I would be biting my nails now… I know I’ve said it before but the standard of tennis is frightening. 2-2 now.

2.28pm Adam joins the fray

Adams on court now and has broken in the second game to lead 2-0. C’mon SUTTON!

3.10pm Too close to call…

5-5 in the first set in Adam’s match, Ollie has just started his match.

3.15pm Oh go on then!

1st set to Adam and STSC!!! We just need one of the 4 singles matches to bring the 2 doubles matches into play.

4.15pm 3-0 down

Ollie sadly lost the second set so it’s all on Adam now. Adam lost the second set to Mark Whitehouse of Raynes Park, it’s 1-1 in the 3rd. Sutton have put in a cracking performance in every match so far and could consider themselves unlucky not to have put one them in the bag.


Ollie just lost the first set 6-4 to James Marsalek. Adam’s a set and a break up 4-3.

Sorry guys it seemed you lost an update!

4.44pm Sutton 3-0 down

Ollie last the match after a brave battle. 2-0. Adam is putting up a hell of a fight and it’s 5-4 no break, in the 3rd set.

4.51pm All over.

That’s it guys, Adam lost out 6-4 in the second set and despite excellent performances by all the guys we went down 4-0.

Sunday 6th September 2015

Finals Day from the West Hants Club

Wed 11.22am

Train tickets are booked and I’m looking forward to a relaxing early train journey down on Friday morning. Fingers crossed for the weather!

Wed 11.26am

To celebrate the finals weekend we are running a caption competition with a £20 Vineking wine voucher for the winner. Go on, you know you want to!!! Caption Competition

Wed 1.34pm Caption Competition

Well we’ve had our first entry into the Caption Competition already from John Timberlake, “Ok boys, so here’s how it goes. When it’s your turn to start, you hit the ball as hard as you can into that square box you see just the other side of the net. After that you hit the ball as hard as possible anywhere inside the lines. When the other guy starts you just hit the ball back as hard as you can, keeping it inside the lines. Got it? Any questions? No! Good! In that case, I’m off to Vineking’s to get the Shampers.”

Thanks John!

Thursday 3rd September 2015

Draw Results Live from The West Hants Club, Bournemouth

6.53pm – Captains Message

I’m not sure if you have seen the post from Steve Tiddy, his Braveheart Blog as it were.. but he has announced our players for the weekend, and they are; Tom Farquharson, Evan Hoyt, Adam Thornton-Brown, Ollie Hudson, Tom Burn, Jamie Whiteford and Jonny Gray. Jack Carpenter will be the Club’s vice-Captain and responsible for all off court activity.

8.36pm – The Seeds

1 – A1 Pharmaceuticals

2 – Raynes Park

3 – Sutton

4 – Bromley

8.42pm – The Draw

Sutton vs Halton (9.30am)

Raynes Park vs Lady Bay

Northern LTC vs Bromley

A1 vs Mackintosh

There you go ladies and gentlemen, we’re all set to go. I’m off to bed, early start tomorrow. Not arriving at Bournemouth until 10am but I will do my best to get the breaking news and line-ups to you en-route…

Friday 4th September 2015

Quarter Finals Day from the West Hants Club

9.21am – New Forest

Morning, morning, morning! I’m zooming through the New Forest as I write, very pretty it is too!  Matches are due to stat at 9.30 am and I’ll be court-side shortly after 10am with all the news and scores as the day goes on. Next update should be set STSC line up for the singles.

10.50am Sutton 2-0 up!

Great wins for Johnny Grey (straight sets) and Adam Thornton-Brown (straight sets)!!! Could be a short day!


On court for Sutton are Evan Hoyt and Tom Farquharson, both early days and going with serve.


Evan is a break up at 4-3 and Tom has just broken and serving at 3-1. The quality of tennis is amazing! Breaking news, Evan takes 1st set 6-3.


Tom’s been pegged back to 4-4, Evan is 2-1 up in 2nd set. On another note it’s bloody cold here today!!

12.22pm Sutton 3-0

Great performance by Evan taking the second set 6-2. Tom’s been giving us all palpitations and at a break and 5-6 down we feared the worst. However, never give up on Farqy! Into a tiebreak and he strolled through, 7-3.

12.25pm Technical Issues

More digital really, well digits. It’s so cold I can’t feel my fingers and I dragged and dropped the page layout earlier, apologies for any confusion!

12.27pm Message from the Chairman

“C’mon boys, let’s do this! Bring the big prize home, we know you can do it” – Tim Crowley, Chairman of Sutton Tennis and Squash Club BA Hons.

12.30pm Message from Karl “Kurt” Stowell a.k.a. Tim Henman (it’s a long story…)

“Good luck boys! I’ll be there court side on Saturday doing a few stretches in case you need me ;-)”

Oh go on then… Tennis Club Business, an American publication only went and chose STSC as their club of the month! And the piece on Karl is now legend!

12.48pm Break of Serve

Tom’s now a break and a set up at 4-2. 5-2 up now and serving for the match and the tie!



2.09pm Good Luck Message

So proud to be part of this club. Come on boys – show them who’s the daddy! Steve C. great job live feeds are a hit & man up – it’s just a breeze! 😉 – Chris Pike

Thanks Chris, all good now I’ve got my Club Sandwich!

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