Over the summer, we have been working closely with Andy Murray’s team, The Clarendon Fine Art Gallery in Cobham and Patrick Bremer, an internationally acclaimed, Berlin based, artist to create this unique work of art. This incredibly powerful image was chosen by Andy himself and the limited editions are all signed by him and the artist.  Patrick, who won The DeLazlo Foundation Award for his portraits from The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, created the work using text, stories and imagery from an array of different tennis related sources.

12 limited edition prints have been made by The Clarendon Fine Art Gallery from the A3 original.  Number 1 of 12 is being auctioned to raise money for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and Junior Tennis development through Sutton Tennis and Squash Club.

To place a bid, please use the form below, providing name, telephone number and the value of your Bid. (All bids will be verified by way of call back before uploading to the STSC website).

All printing and framing work has been undertaken to a very high quality by Clarendon Fine Art of Cobham

The closing date for the auction is Midnight on Saturday 12th November 2016.

Peter Ward
Sutton Tennis & Squash Club

Closed midnight Nov 12 2016.

2016/11/13 00:00:00

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Andy Murray Auction
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Take a closer look…

Walking on Sunshine

Patrick Bremer, 2016 No 1 of 12 limited edition prints

About the artist

Patrick Bremer was born in Brighton in 1982 and studied painting at Wimbledon College of Art in London. His work predominantly focuses on the figure and portraiture in collage. He is a recipient of The DeLazlo Foundation Award for his portraits from The Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition at The Mall Galleries in London. Patrick currently lives and works in Berlin.