Bailey's Pool League

Final thursday 16th November 7.30pm

Adam 'the ace freeman v Karl 'the cue' stowell

Club President, Steph Bailey is a legend of STSC. In 2022 he stood down as secretary after 40 years in various roles at the club, including treasurer and secretary. Even now, Steph is still involved in aspects of club management, and probably always will be.

Something that you may or may not know is that Steph is also a demon on the pool table (in addition to crosswords and chess).

In honour of Steph’s service to the club, we are delighted to announce the inaugural round of Bailey’s Pool League.

The final is here

This Thursday 16th Setpember at 7.30pm, Adam 'The Ace' Freeman and Karl 'The Cue' Stowell will battle it out for the title of inaugural Bailey's Pool League winner.

Come along to watch as the atmosphere will be off the charts. Think boxing, think darts, then go up a level and that will be the spectacle that you will witness on Thursday 16th September at 8pm.


Group 1

Tony M Tony S Jay Josh Steve Wins
Tony Mason 1-3 (Tony S) 1-3 (Jay) 3-0 (Tony M) 3-1 (Tony M) 2
Tony Simmonds 3-1 (Tony S) 3-1 (Tony S) 3-0 (Tony S) W/O (Tony S) 4
Jay Kenneavy 3-1 (Jay) 1-3 (Tony S) 3-0 (Jay) 2-3 (Steve) 2
Josh Freeman 0-3 (Tony M) 0-3 (Tony S) 0-3 (Jay( 3-2 (Josh) 1
Steve Lewis 1-3 (Tony M) 0-3 W/O (Tony S) 3-2 (Steve) 2-3 (Josh) 1

Group 2

Xander Peter Steph Mick Adam Karl Wins
Xander Ward 1-3 ( Peter) 0-3 (Steph) 2-3 (Mick) 1-3 (Adam) 0-3 (Karl) 0
Peter Ward 3-1 (Peter) 0-3 (Steph) 0-3 (Mick) 0-3 (Adam) 2-3 (Karl) 1
Steph Bailey 3-0 (Steph) 3-0 (Steph) 3-0 (Steph) 2-3 (Adam) 2-3 (Karl) 3
Michael Connolly 3-2 (Mick) 3-0 (Mick) 0-3 (Steph) 1-3 (Adam) 0-3 (Karl) 2
Adam Freeman 3-1 (Adam) 3-0 (Adam) 3-2 (Adam) 3-1 (Adam) 0-3 (Karl) 4
Karl Stowell 3-0 (Karl) 3-2 (Karl) 3-2 (Karl) 3-0 (Karl) 3-2 (Karl) 5