Bar Opening Indoors & Devonshire Social Club Launched

On Monday 17th May, the bar can open indoors!

This will be table service in the beginning, but hopefully lead to completely normal service very soon. See the Bar page of this website for opening hours and food service.

Tennis, Squash & Racketball members have full use of the bar as part of membership. However, what was previously social membership does not exist any more and has been replaced by…………

The Devonshire Social Club

Devonshire Social Club

What is the Devonshire Social Club, why was it formed and what should you do if you were a social member?

Sutton Tennis & Squash Club has become a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation). One of the conditions of becoming a CIO was that Social Membership had to be run at ‘arms length’ from the sporting aspects of the club. Social membership is not considered to be part of the charitable objective of the club and therefore had to become a separate entity.

The result is the formation of the Devonshire Social Club. This is a separate entity from Sutton Tennis & Squash Club, but will be based at the club and the experience will be very similar to the former social membership of the club.

Please join now and receive a FREE drink as a welcome back

If you were previously a social member of STSC, we invite you to now join the Devonshire Social Club. This costs £37 per year. You can pay at the bar and fill in a form, but even better, you can pay by bank transfer now so that your membership is sorted. Here is how:

  1. Pay £37 by bank transfer to: The Devonshire Social Club | acc. no. 59649011 | sort code 60-21-08.
  2. Email Karl at with your name and phone number to confirm that you have paid. 
  3. That’s it! Your membership will begin. You will receive a membership card when you come in.

The first time you come in, please ask the bar staff for your free drink. We just ask that you have arranged your membership first.