Bar & Catering




From 7pm – 9pm

Step 1: Book your tickets
Step 2: Book your table
Step 3: Enjoy the BBQ!

Book a table

Simply use the form below. You can try to book by phone on 0208 642 0209 or email – but the form below is preferable and you are more likely to get a table.

Note: booking slots are 1 hour. If you would like to book more time, simply book again for the next hour.

Table Service Only

The bar can only be used on that basis. We prefer that you book in advance, but you can also walk in and ask for a table. Either way, there needs to be a table available for you to use the bar. There will be no approaching the bar to order.

Social Distancing

Inside, groups can be a maximum of 6 people from 2 households or support bubbles. Please make things easy for the bar staff by not attempting to sit in groups from more than 2 households / support bubbles.

Outside, groups can be a maximum of 4 people from different households. Note, the outside tables are not bookable in advance.

Ordering & Paying

We are working on an app which you will be able to use to order and pay for your drinks from your table, which the bar staff will then bring to you. However, for the minority of people who do not have a smart phone, there will be the option to order directly from the bar staff from your table.

Payment will be card only. No cash.

Entry, exit & moving around the club

Entry and exit to the bar will be via the front door only, except in case of emergency. We will be asking tennis players and their guests to use the side gate. Doors will be propped open when weather permits, but in the event that doors need to be closed, there will be hand sanitisers inside and outside the doors. Please use the hand sanitisers in either case.