New tennis court & floodlight booking system

If you are a tennis member or the parent of a tennis member of the club, this will be very relevant to you. Please read carefully and Contact Us if you have any problems.

Why have we changed systems and what is the new system?

For a long time, the floodlights have been operated with a card. Members would top up their card at the bar and insert it into machines in the conservatory to turn on the lights. But this system had become very out of date – many of the card readers did not work properly and couldn’t be replaced because the equipment had become obsolete. A change was long overdue.

So we decided to implement MyCourts, which is the system we have used for squash court bookings for many years and has worked very well. With Mycourts, the courts and lights can be booked online. BUT it did mean a complete change – we couldn’t keep using the current system (Clubspark) for booking courts in daylight, but MyCourts for floodlights. So, as of now, all tennis court bookings are through MyCourts.


What should you do next?

The majority of tennis members, adult and junior have been added to the MyCourts system. Please follow this process:

  1. Go to – if you ever forget this link, it is on this website in the tennis menu at the top under ‘Tennis Court Bookings’.
  2. Click the ‘forgotten password’ link.

3. Put in your email address. This will be the one that we have on file for your membership. If it is correct, it will send you a link to reset your password, along with your username. You can then login. Contact us if your email isn’t recognised.

4. You should now be able to login to MyCourts and book courts.

How to book courts with MyCourts

Please watch the short video below, which shows you how to use the booking system.

Note: tennis does not reopen until 29th March, so you will not be able to book courts until 27th March (you can book courts 48 hours in advance).

Huge thanks to members Phil Layton, Chris Pike and Adam Blewer for their long and hard work on this large project!