STSC Squash Finals 2014 – Results

The 2014 Squash Finals were played yesterday, 12 April.

Congratulations to the competitors and many thanks to all of you who entered, with the largest entry we have had for many years.

We have added images of the matches.

The results of the finals were:

Mens Open
Tim Cox bt Mital Patel 3-0 (9/2 9/2 9/4)

Ladies Open
Natalie Chak bt Georgia Duthie 3-0 (9/1 9/1 9/6)

Alan Taffinder (-30) bt Andy Howard (-10) 2-0 (15/12 15/9)

Ian Bailey bt Ejaz Hameed 3-2 (10/8 9/4 4/9 5/9 9/6)

Tim Cox and Mital Patel bt Brenton Gage and Alan Taffinder 3-0 (15/12 15/7 15/13)

Many thanks to Ian Bailey for his excellent organisation and cajoling everyone to play their games on time.

Andrew Jennings

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Club Squash Tournaments 2013

The annual Club Tournament Finals were played on Saturday 20th April. We had an excellent turnout for the Junior and Senior Finals. Congratulations to Tim Cox who retained Single Championship by beating Jack Rivans, to Mital Patel for winning the plate competition with a 3-1 victory over Ian Bailey, to Phil Coleman and Phil Burton for winning the match of the afternoon in a very closely fought game finally coming through in the fifth game against Tim Cox and Nick Search, as well as to Rory Duthie for beating Tim Cox in the final of the handicap.

We also played the junior finals and saw some excellent squash, demonstrating the potential Sutton has, with Boris Petri winning through against Rory Duthie in a closely fought match in the advanced juniors and in the intermediate junior Ethan Chak played an excellent game to win against Boo Burki.

Previous Squash Events

The Return of the “Jingle Bells” Tournament 26 Dec 09

The Jingle Bells tournament was completed with gusto and good spirit this year as 9 players took eachother on in a round-robin-flurry of non-stop, 5 minute, matches. Each player was given a handicap between -20 to +2 and had 5 minutes to get as many points as possible. The points from each match were added up and the player with the highest score won!

Congratulations to Valerie Slinger (bottom left) who fought off strong competition to be crowned champion and Simon Duncan (bottom row, second from right) who was a valiant runner up. Thanks go to the tournament organiser Bill Bailey.

View more details of the Jingle Bells Tournament

Racketball Night 22 Nov 09

Seasoned racketball players joined forces with enthusiastic novices for an introduction to racketball on the evening of Sunday 22nd November 2009.  A great time was had by all including Brad (yes, the Brad from behind the bar!) who proved that he hasn’t lost his touch on court.  Racketball rackets and balls are now available from behind the bar for £1 in case you feel like giving it a try!

2009 Club Championships 01 Nov 09

The 2009 STSC Squash Club Tournament was held on Sunday 1st November. Players were divided into 4 groups of 3 players. In the 1st round the 3 players within each group played each other. The winners progressed to “Gold” semi finals and final the players in 2nd place progressed to the “Silver” semi finals and final and the players in 3rd place progressed to the “Bronze” semi finals and final.

Congratulations to Peter Morton (right of picture) who successfully retained his status as Club Champion after a hard-fought Gold final (3-2) against Luke Taylor (left). Newcomer Andy Challen was successful in the Silver final (3-1) against Luke Edgecumbe and John Darcy dispatched 3-0 Sarah Taylor in the Bronze final. Thanks to all who helped organise the tournament, those who played and the markers. We are looking forward to running the tournament again in 2010

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Squash Handicap Tournament June 09

The 2009 Handicap Tournament saw 30 squash players pit their skills against eachother with handicaps ranging from minus 50 points to plus 5.  In a handicap tournament each match is played using “American Scoring” (where every rally scores a point), first to 15 points and best of 3 games.  So, if you are given a handicap of minus 30 points, you need to win 45 rallies to win a game.  If your opponent has a handicap of plus 2 points, they only need to win 13 rallies to win a game.  So, even if you are the “better” player, you can be under pressure not to make any mistakes, as they can be costly.  The final was held between Tim Cox (-45) (left, with club President, George Carruth) and Alan Higgs (-3) (right, also with George) and was won by Tim 2-1.