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We are currently moving the STSC membership system over to Clubspark, which is a membership management system provided to clubs by the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association).

This post lets you know why we are doing this, plus everything you need to know about your membership and Clubspark, but you can also comment below with questions, which I’ll answer………



Why are we changing to Clubspark?

Time saving

This system will save countless hours of admin work by club management which can be better spent on other tasks. Clubspark, once it’s all up and running and any glitches have been ironed out, makes this whole process largely automatic – people can sign up for membership online, pay online, add / edit all their contact details and receive confirmation of their membership. When your membership expires, Clubspark sends you a renewal automatically, you can renew at the click of a button and the whole process continues.



We will be able to communicate with you more effectively by email as Clubspark is a sophisticated database. You’ll get less emails which aren’t relevant to you as we can easily choose who gets which communications. We’ll also be able to maintain a much wider database, which includes lapsed members, non-members, visitors & guests so we can, at times, promote our club to those people.


Monthly payments for membership

For some of the more expensive categories of membership, Clubspark gives you the ability to pay in installments for your membership, but takes care of the large amount of admin which would usually be involved in managing this.


Cutting down on errors

Because of the complicated process of managing membership, it’s possible for occasional errors to occur – for example a new member may not be added to the email database, a payment for membership may not be registered, a membership may expire but the member not receive notification. This is due to the long and manual nature of the membership process. Clubspark should cut down, hopefully eliminate this as all those things happen automatically.




What now?

I have transferred nearly all the members to Clubspark. But it will require you to register. If you have a British Tennis / LTA membership or if you have booked tennis courts at the club, you will probably already be registered. If not, you should receive a message shortly prompting you to register.

Then, you should receive another email shortly before the date of your membership renewal prompting you to renew your membership. Once you’re registered, that will just involve signing in and clicking a button.


What are the payment options?


Very shortly, there will be an option to pay online directly through Clubspark, but that is currently being set up. That option costs an extra 1.8%. You can also pay by bank transfer or cash / cheque / card at the club.

There will very shortly be an option to pay monthly installments for the more expensive membership categories.


When registering, Clubspark asks for my date of birth!


This is an annoying aspect of the system which we can’t change at the moment, so we are suggesting that adult members put their date of birth as 01/01/1980. For all junior / mini / student memberships, please still add correct date of birth.

Clubspark is a tennis system, but I am a squash or social member


Yes Clubspark is provided by the LTA, the tennis governing body, but it can be used to manage any type of membership. It’s a great system which would usually come at a large cost but is provided for free as part of our LTA affiliation. It won’t be used to promote tennis any more than squash or social membership.


What if I can’t / don’t want to pay online / register / I’m not good with computers?


Even though Clubspark makes a lot of things automatic, there is always the human touch as well. We can edit anything on there. If you prefer to pay at the club, that’s still fine. If you can’t register online, I can add you to the system manually. You can still fill in a form for your membership (although we want to cut that down as much as possible).


I paid a special rate / discount for my membership, but my renewal shows full price


Again, this kind of thing can be adjusted from our end. Please just contact me with any questions or errors. In the early stages, there are bound to be a few.


I’m not getting any emails from Clubspark


They may end up in junk / spam. Please check those folders. Once you mark a message as ‘not spam’ or move it into your inbox, messages should then get through.


I have more questions / need help


Please contact me any time on manager@stscsport |  020 8643 2940  |  07976 547239 or talk to me at the club. Also, feel free to comment below.


Click here to have a look at membership on Clubspark


Karl Stowell

Club Manager

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