LTA Youth filming

this is not a bulk message - if you are reading this it means I have contacted you directly. Thanks, Karl

This message is from Georgia Lee‑Dickson​​ of the LTA. Please read the details and reply to her directly.

Dear Parents,  

The LTA are creating new content for the LTA Youth programme.

During July and August, we will be filming Red & Orange sessions and are looking for children who might like to take part. 

Here is a little more info –

 What is it?

  • The LTA are filming content which will feature in coach education videos available to all 5000+ LTA Accredited coaches

What are the LTA looking for?

  • A mix of boys and girls playing Orange (aged 8/9) or Red ball (6/8) to take part in the filming.
  • Standard – more experienced children (playing more than once a week)


  • Children can attend as many sessions as they would like, however we recommend a morning or an afternoon session.
  • Parents are invited to stay and watch, refreshments provided.
  • Filming will take place outdoors at the National Tennis Centre.
  • Confirmation required by 4th July.

Please note –

  • The session may not look exactly the same as a usual coaching class, this is because we are filming content which develop decision making, balance, co-ordination and other motor skills, as well as hitting skills.
  • There will be a quite a bit of stop/start/repeat which is unavoidable due to the nature of the filming process.
  • Kenneth Bastiaens (Multi-Skillz) who is working with the LTA to develop the content will be able to answer any questions on the day.
  • If you would like to read more about Kenneth’s work, please click here:

Next Steps

Interested parents to contact with the following details –

  • Name of Child
  • Age of Child
  • Usual training venue
  • Contact number for parent
  • Details of which session(s) you are free to attend

Many thanks,



There is limited parking on the club itself, so here is a little guide to parking around the club

Please don’t be tempted to park over a dropped curb, double yellow line, a reserved space or in any way which will block the road for larger vehicles and emergency vehicles – or to leave your car blocking the road while you run in – this causes LOTS of problems. It’s much better to allow a few extra minutes and park just down the road, where there is plenty of parking. See below for some help with this.

Please check signs for yourself as the info below may not always be accurate, but here are some rough guidelines:

  1. Devonshire Road and the roads immediately around it are mostly permit parking Monday to Friday, 9-11am. In most cases, you can park outside of those times but please check signs.
  2. The Highway – lots of parking, very close to the club. Only restrictions are Mon-Fri, 10-11am & 2-3pm.
  3. The Gallop – RIGHT SIDE ONLY (if coming from STSC), the only restrictions are Mon-Fri, 12-1pm.
  4. Langley Park Road, Egmont Road & Devonshire Road – restrictions are Mon-Fri, 9-11am.
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