membership of sutton tennis & squash Club

If you are not a member, please see below for details of membership. Current members, please note the following about renewing your membership after the recent closure:

Please help during this complicated time by following the instructions below to renew / restart / un-pause your membership, where relevant.

  1. If your membership has lapsed and you are ready to start using the club again, please can you renew your membership. But we have a new system – all you need to do is go to THIS PAGE , click on the relevant membership category, and follow instructions. It’s quick, easy and will put you on a direct debit which will renew monthly or annually. It reduces the admin for the club. Note, this will not work for family memberships – contact us to set those up.
  2. If you ‘paused’ your membership by going to a £1 direct debit, please contact us as soon as you start using the club again to restore your membership. It’s difficult to keep track of, so your help is appreciated.
  3. If you have been on an annual membership which has continued through the time of closure, you will have the option of extending your next year of membership by the length of the closure. Please contact us at the time of renewal if you would like to take up this option.
  4. If you have kept your monthly membership going during the closure, the club is very grateful to you for your support!

Membership types & details