Racketball Leagues


Even though racketball leagues are on hold at the moment, please have a look around this page to see what we’ll be doing when we do start up again. And whether you are already in the programme or not, please click below to contact us so that we can let you know when we do start up again.

There are 4 racketball leagues at STSC which run every month. The leagues are managed through MyCourts which is the online system that you have a login for as part of your membership. You can see more details there.

If you would like to enter next month’s league please email Mark Davies at downhill_mark@sky.com stating your name, your mobile contact number and your estimated standard (i.e. which league you would like to be entered into, although this will be subject to available positions in that league).

For any queries, please contact organiser (Mark Davies – 07702 350 951)