Resurfacing of tennis courts 4-6 starts 15th April

Dear Members

The time has finally arrived for the long-awaited resurfacing of tennis courts 4, 5 & 6. Work will start on Monday 15th April to resurface the courts with Porous Acrylic.

This is obviously a great thing for all tennis members of STSC – you will have access to 9 excellent quality tennis courts – but it will come with some unavoidable disruption. The following is a bit of a guide as to what to expect, and we hope that you will be understanding.

Courts 4-6 will be out of action from Monday 15th, and it should be assumed that this will be for a month, although it may be quicker. So you will notice limited court availability at peak times, which is 5-8pm weekdays and all day Saturday. Off-peak times will be less affected, so if it is easy enough for you to play at those times, please do!

The junior coaching programme takes place mainly from 5-7pm Monday to Friday, and 1-3pm on Saturdays. We have moved anything we can to Sutton Highfields. However, due to the size of the programme and the complications that would be involved in cancelling those sessions, it is unavoidable that most of the courts will be used for the programme during these times – the courts are already booked, so you can have a look at the court booking system to see what’s available.

At 7pm, there is no junior coaching, but there are a couple of adult coaching sessions, mix in and team practices. Again, those sessions are already booked, so you can see how things look.


Court booking guidelines

Adult tennis members can book courts 5 days in advance (junior members 2 days in advance, 10 & unders can only view bookings but not book). During this more difficult time, this is worth knowing about. Tennis coaches have been given instructions at certain peak times that they can only book courts 3 days in advance, meaning members have the opportunity to  book first – but coaches will go ahead and book the court at that time, so please do use the 5 days that you have to book. The chances of a court being available on the day at a peak time are slim.

Please could members avoid playing with guests at peak times for the duration of the resurfacing. As there will be limited court availability, members should be prioritised during this time.


Saturday Mix In & Junior Club Morning

  • Junior club morning (11.30am Saturdays) will be cancelled for the duration of the court resurfacing. This means that this session will not now go ahead until May.
  • Saturday Mix In will move from 2pm to 3pm from 20th April. It will return to 2pm when resurfacing is finished.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience and here’s to many years of great tennis on the new courts. Please contact us with any questions or comments.