Resurfacing of tennis courts 4-6. Have your say!

Courts 4 to 6 are very much in need of resurfacing, they have lasted us nearly 20 years so this is not surprising! 

Four contractors have visited and provided quotes varying from £72,000 to £125,000, and all contractors agree that the work can be done in Spring 2024.  The best quotes which we have received for the Porous Acrylic and the Artificial Clay surfaces are not materially different.

The Management Committee will be meeting in mid-November to agree a recommendation to submit to the Trustees of the CIO.  Given the scale of the investment required, our CIO Trustees have the final approval to ensure that the money is spent in the best way to future proof the club.

At the moment we have porous acrylic on Courts 1 to 6 and artificial clay on Courts 7 to 9. As we have explored many options, we have ruled out splitting courts 4-6 into two different surfaces as it is not practicable.  As you will be aware we host a number of prestigious external events which require four courts to be of the same surface.  These events are of significant commercial benefit to the club, alongside the kudos of hosting these events.

We recognise that maintenance, in terms of the cleaning of the courts, has not been done as often or as professionally as it should have been.  This has certainly affected the drainage of the Porous Acrylic courts, but this has now been resolved and we have annual agreements in place with cleaning companies.  This will therefore ensure that all of our courts are kept in the best condition possible to both prolong the life of the court surface and ensure that players have the best experience.

In the interest of all members and visitors to the club, there will be numerous factors to consider regarding the court surface, but we would welcome your preference as to which of the two surfaces you would like to see. Below are descriptions of them (as per the website of one of the contractors, so forgive any exaggeration!)

Porous Acrylic

This is the surface we currently have on courts 1-6

Product Category: All-weather cushioned tennis surface.
Surface Type: A high performance water permeable cushioned acrylic surface.
Play Characteristics: Simulates an acrylic surface. Medium to slow pace producing a medium to high ball bounce.
Other Characteristics: Comfort underfoot and playable in most weather conditions. Responds well to spin particularly topspin.


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Artificial Clay

This is the surface we currently have on courts 7-9

Product category: All weather synthetic clay surface.
Surface Type: A short pile, sand filled surface that has been designed to replicate a clay court in both appearance and playing characteristics.
Play characteristics: ITF 1 –Slow paced surface playable in all weather conditions. Responds well to all types of spin and is suitable for all levels including tournament level play
Other Characteristics: Looks remarkably like natural clay but playable all year round with minimal maintenance requirements.  Raised lines for increased visibility.

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