Ladies Winner Lydia PerkinsPlaying box league tennis at Sutton Tennis and Squash Club is a great way to meet other members and play friendly competitive tennis on a regular basis.


  • Leagues are great for everyone from 2nd team mens’ players to mix-in / social players
  • Leagues are mixed (men & women play against each other)
  • These leagues are for adult members, but juniors who feel capable of competing against adults are welcome to join
  • The leagues will be online – you can see results / points / standings in real time (but we’ll still put paper copies up at the club).
  • You’ll enter your results online and they will automatically go to the LTA to count towards your LTA rating.


Next League Starts January 2015 and costs £7


Please note, to enter these leagues, you need to have a British Tennis Membership which is linked to STSC. It’s free. Click here to see how to get one and how to link it to Sutton

Enter Now – Here’s How…….


  1. Sutton-Singles-Tennis-LeaguesGo to
  2. Click Find-a-Club then select South East Region and then Sutton Tennis and Squash Club
  3. Click Register Now and complete the registration form
  4. Logon with your chosen username and password
  5. You will also receive a Validate Email Address email from Tennis Jeannie. Just click on the CONFIRM button which is embedded in the email to let Jeannie know that she can deliver email alerts reliably to your Inbox.
  6. It helps greatly if you would add jeannie@tennisjeannie to your “Safe Sender” list. (Just add it to your Contacts List)

Finally, once you are registered, you need to enter this season’s league by clicking on the red ‘entry form’ button.

Contact Sharad & Karl with any questions or problems


Current Results & Standings

Click on the links below to see various reports about results, points and players’ current standings in their boxes (last updated 22nd December 2015).


Box League Matrix Report

Box League Table Report

Player Performance Report


player report

matrix box 1 matrix box 2 matrix box 3 matrix box 4