Singles Box Leagues

matches for stsc members

Fun, competitive, mixed singles

  • FREE and only for STSC members
  • All levels welcome, whether you are fairly new to matchplay or a seasoned team player.
  • Players will be grouped according to their World Tennis Number 
  • Results go towards your  World Tennis Number (WTN)
  • Promotion and relegation
  • Arrange your own matches at times that suit you. 
  • Organised using LTA Competition software 

How It Works

  • Rounds are organised every 2/3 months.
  • Each round, you’ll be matched against others with a similar WTN.
  • You decide between yourselves when to play the match, so you can play whenever it suits you.
  • For each new round, players may move up or down boxes according to final standings.
    However, this is at the organisers’ discretion and may vary according to players leaving or joining the league.

How to Join

  • Go to the LTA competitions page, choose log in at the top right. 
    If you do not have an LTA log in, you’ll need to create one.  View this page with the information you need.
  • Choose ‘Box Leagues’ from the menu
  • Search ‘Sutton Tennis & Squash Club’
  • Hit enter, and select your chosen leagues.

The Rules

  • Your box & opponents will be shown in the app.
  • Both players should attempt to make contact to organise the match.
  • The format is 2 sets and a 10 point tiebreaker at one set all. However, if both players agree on a different format, this is acceptable.
  • Winner must enter result on the app after the game – winner receives 3 points, loser 1 point.
  • Both players should contribute to the cost of balls and lights. New tennis balls are available for purchase at the bar.


Contact Jamie with any questions on 07590 068750 or