Club Members Squash Leagues

Organised by Mark Davies.

If you want to join the squash leagues, write your name and phone number on the list above the court booking sheets on the squash noticeboard.  Indicate what division you would like to be in (if you are not sure then ask advice from other players, challenge someone from the leagues to a friendly match to gauge your standard, or just have a guess).  Don’t worry if you don’t think you are not good enough to play, the more the merrier and there’s only one way to improve your game – play lots of people!

You will then be put in a division with 4 or 5 other players (called a “box league”).  Everyone in the division should contact the other players in their division to arrange a game.  You have got one month to play all your games and you score points depending on the result of the match.

All the points gained in the division are totalled up at the end of the month and players are promoted or demoted accordingly.  You must play at least one match per month to stay in the leagues or you get dropped out and have to reapply, effectively missing a month of league squash.

See the noticeboard for more information about the league and contact details for Mark and the Squash Committee.