We played host to Dorking’s 2nd Team in the first match of division 6B in the Winter league 2014/15. Dorking turned up to Sutton with only four out of five available players, which meant our own Jack Rivans was permitted a 3-0 walkover. Well played Jack!

Brenton Gage (Nominated at 4) started proceedings off by being the first member to play a competitive fixture against another team on a brand new floor on court one. Wearing his shell-tracksuit pants (as he does during the winter season to prevent any injury and to hold his stomach in) he was eager to get the season off to a good start. Having said this, neither player in the first game managed to hit a ball past the baseline, which resulted in a fairly rugged first game, in which Brenton came out best winning 9-6. The second game saw the court warm up, the ball warm up and Brenton warmed up, where he reached his optimal performance and won 9-2. The third game was a different story however. You remember me saying that Brenton was playing at an optimum level in the second game? Well that somewhat vanished in the third, and the Dorking number four took the third game. The score was 2-1, but still Breton kept his shell-tracksuit pants on determined to not take it to a fifth. It was a great fourth game in which Brenton came out victorious winning 10-9. Brenton won 3-1.

Second on court was Phil Coleman (Nominated 1), eager to keep up his never ending run in from for the team, he dispatched Dorking’s number one: 9-3 9-5 9-5. Although he did say he played dreadfully later that evening, tinning more balls than he should and making too many unforced errors, you wouldn’t have thought it given the score line! Dorking’s number one was a very handy player, Phil’s racquet skill however just proved too much and he made it in time to mark the next match on the other court. Phil won 3-0.

Alan Taffinder (Nominated 3) was third on court, keen to put the pressure on early and keep up his run in form for the team he won comfortably 9-2. While playing some good shots in the first, he cross courted too often and the Dorking number 3 came back to win the second 9-3. The scores were one apiece and after a pep talk with Phil, Alan came back on court haven taken some feedback and won the next two games 9-6 9-4. Alan won 3-1

Last on court was the ‘Destroyer’ Floyd Wilkes (Nominated 2), geared up like the terminator ready for battle, with his biometric ankle, calf and arm supports (and possibly headphones round his neck) he faced a tough prospect; an opponent that was not only the same height if not taller, but also with the same long reach as Floyd! The first game saw Floyd win 9-2, but the second game the Dorking number two fought back to win 9-5. Some hard hitting, some furious and agitated groans, and a missing squash ball later and Floyd finished the match off to win 3-1.

On the whole the Men’s Squash team played well, getting the maximum of 19 points in our opening first game. Although a little rusty and a few pre-match nerves, if our team plays to their full potential over the coming months, we are in with a great shot at getting promoted this Winter.

The next match is against Wimbledon Racquets 6 (Away).

Thanks to Brad/Gill and bar staff for the wonderful spread and hospitality you gave us, and a special thank you to the STSC members that came and supported us in our first match of the Winter 14/15 season!

All the best

Alan Taffinder