tennis court bookings

Currently our tennis courts are open for restricted play for members. The clubhouse and squash courts are temporarily closed due to Covid-19. If you’re not a member and you are interested in joining, please click below to contact us. Current members, see below………

Current members see below for info about playing and booking courts

Who can play at the moment?

  • All tennis members, junior and senior.
  • All squash members.
  • Social members wishing to play will be able to take up a monthly tennis membership which can be cancelled at short notice. Contact Us about this.
  • Parents wanting to play with children, where the child is a member and the parent is not – parents will be asked to take up a monthly tennis membership which can be cancelled at short notice. Contact Us ¬†about this.

 Court booking system

All courts will need to be booked through the Clubspark booking system, which also includes a phone app. It’s very easy to use once set up. This is to ensure everyone’s safety during a complicated time.

  • Download the Clubspark Booker app to your phone.
  • You then have the option of signing in or signing up. If you’ve previously registered with Clubspark and know your details, you’ll be able to just sign in and book courts. If you haven’t registered, just sign up and you should be able to book courts.
  • If you are registered with Clubspark but don’t know your login details, the App doesn’t have a ‘forgotten password’ option. So you’ll need to go to the clubspark website. It will take you to this:

You can then click the forgotten password link and get your password so you can use the app. If for any reason you can’t use the app, you can just login to the website.

Here are a couple of videos demonstrating the booking system.

Guidance for playing tennis at the moment

The tennis courts are open and restrictions have been lifted further. See the image below for an overview of the guidelines: